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Assignment.lk - Terms and Conditions

01. The Service availability

While assignment.lk writing services must endeavor for making the site as available at all times, assignment.lk would not be held liable under any reason, when the web site becomes unavailable for any specific time duration. The materials within our web site comprise with our own views which do not constitute other type of legal or else professional advice. Assignment.lk suggests you should have to consult a specific professional adviser on your any type of legal advice.

02.The usage of received writing pieces

The whole written materials would be delivered to you under the research & the reference purposes only. Assignment.lk does not encourage as well as condone or else knowingly participate for the plagiarism or any other academic fraud. As being a user here, you are required to agree that any type of delivered written material for you would be considered as a model answer.

Assignment.lk shall not become as liable on any type of unethical as well as inappropriate and illegal, or else other type of wrongful use of such written materials delivered via aissignment.lk site. The user of such material via our site would be solely accountable on any type of disciplinary actions which may arise through unethical as well as improper or else illegal use of delivered information via assignment.lk Assignment.lk would not become as liable for any type of delays or else the technical problems within the process of paper delivery, resulting through the malfunction of customers’ mail-server or else customers’ ISP. We do not further guarantee any specific grade & you are unable to get any kind of refund under the case you have been poorly assessed.

03.The Plagiarism

The plagiarism level treated as acceptable by assignment.lk is below 15%. Under the case of plagiarism level becomes high, you are having the right to request on revision it under immediate process. But, please keep in your mind that all references consisting the in-text referencing with the cliched phrases such as standard phrases and the idioms with the connectors as well as other generally used phrases would not be concerned as plagiarism and it would not include in our plagiarism rate calculations.

04.The requests for refund & revision

We are not performing more than two times (2) free revisions. If you are required your paper for revising after using two available free revisions, you are required placing a new order on editing or else proofreading. The refund request is only available for failure papers only as 50% from the total payment, under the final decision of our supervision panel and you are required sending the original marking scheme to prove the grade of failure. If not, you are capable of making a request for free new paper on behalf of that. When you have asked for a refund, you are not having any right to use delivered paper with other additional materials which we have provided you. Whole materials would become as the property which belongs to assignment.lk, and we are reserving a right with publishing the paper via on-line for our commercial purposes. Please note that it may take 14 days to approve the request of 50% refund on failure works under the final decision of supervision panel of assignment.lk


You are required making advance payment of 50% from the total invoice price and send the proof to commence your work and schedule after that. The final payment should be done within two days of after getting the final reports and please note that until making the payments fully, you would not get full entitlement of the given reports where we are having the all right to be resold or published as our own source.