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Role of operation manager

Role of operation manager
Role of operation manager

Every business the operation manger and the operation department has to perform a greater role within the business operations. As such, the operation manager performs the following activities in relation to its operational background. (Wood & Britney, 2005)

Role of operation manager

Management of organizational resources

Operation manager makes the important decision related to the initial material required to complete the production, efficient use of resources, successful machine maintenance as well as guiding of staff within the business.

Set the goals and objectives

Business operations required set of goals and objectives in order to make every task under a certain standard and guidelines. Therefore, the operation manager has to create certain objectives and goals to make the business operations successful and influence the employees to drive them to the goals. (Handfield & Nichols, 2011)

Set and manage financials in operations

Managing and controlling the financials resources in another vital factor within the company as to utilize organizational funds with more effective way. Further, this required effective management of cost and controlling of wastages with inefficient operations.


Coordination of all the business activities in different departments as well as the other parties external and internal to the company is another task of the operation manager. As such, he has to command all the parties and guide them in order to address the issues and communicate the ideas. (Handfield & Nichols, 2011)

Determine policies and procedures

Operation manager considers on the policies and procedures of the different activities and in relation to employees and managing other organizational resources within the firm. As such, it is a role of the operation manger to determine and create policies and standards in managing operational processes. (Wood & Britney, 2005)

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Role of operation manager in service organization

There is a considerable difference in between manufacturing and service organizations and the role that has to perform by the operation manger in both of these organizations. As such, these changes will significantly affect to the customer relationship with the company as especially in service organizations the connection between the customers are relatively high. According to that, the following is given the variances in between both company types with some examples.


Operation managers role


Tangibility of the offered item

Manufacturing companies supplied tangible products, which is made before as per the market demand. But in the service industry, the service is offered directly to the customer, which is not ready-made product. As such the service quality of the staff must be coordinated by the operation manager as to give the better satisfaction to its customers and retain them with the company.


In the production process of XY Jam, source, and etc, they make the product under the operations in their factories. However, in organizations who providing service such as education, banking, they are directly connected with the customers, where there is more required to have a sound relationship with final customers.


In the production companies, the raw materials, of goods and the working progress and final goods can be stored to use them when they needed. As such there won’t be an issue to address the unexpected demand from the customers.

Whereas in service industry they cannot keep the service within the stores and they have to perform he task when only after the customer ask. According to that in the service industry, it is the service providers must be already available in the company as to give a better service to its customers on time. As such the operation manger plays a vital role in handling this kind of service industry than the manufacturing companies.


In production processes at XY, they are keeping enough raw fruits as well as processed canned jam and sauce products within the stores. But when compared with service industry it is not tangible and cannot be stored.  


Manufacturing businesses mainly consider on delivering the products to the market and get the customers feedback for the products. But considering on the service supplying companies they first identify the requirement and ideas of the customers and then try to serve what they want. As such, there is direct contact in between the customer and the service provider, which is customer attraction can be achieved highly through the quality supply of the service and the ability of the service provider.

Products are same in features and attributes, where in the service industry the services are not equal and it is differ from time to time and service provider. Further, as per the requirement of the customers, the service type can be deferred.


Laborers can be specialized and also most of the tasks are done through machines in production lines. Therefore, the handling of labors or employees can be easy. Consider on the service industry the staff must have suitable skills and experience to cope up with customers and to serve them with best quality service by adding value more than they expected. Then the customers will be more loyal for the company as well.


The production process of XY products can be mainly done through the use of machines and automated systems. As such there is lower no of labor is required.

On the other hand in service industry such as education, banking, insurance, and etc, the direct contact between the employees and the customer is there, as the clear communication, coordination, satisfaction of the need is important to consider by the operation manager


Important to have a physical location for conducting the manufacturing process, operations, distribution and etc. As such the proper management of the location is important for the operation manager with the help of the other parties involved in the production.

However, in the service industry, there is no much inventories are held in certain warehouses. But the place that the customers are offered the services is important to decide, as it must be closer to the customers and the place must be convenient to reach.


Warehouses and factory of the product manufacturing companies are considered, service stations, and locations are required to identify by the operation managers to give more reliable service.

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