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27.Nov, 2017 0

Talking to Heidi: Choosing the right communication mix

Executive Summery   When considering about the young women who are highly educated and independent (Heidi), there are some critical and significant feature or characteristics with them. Some of them are the latest information they possesses regarding the products in the market, the way they deal with the latest fashions…

24.Nov, 2017 0

How to overcome the human resource problems?

Investment in Technologies   Mostly, the floor operations at ABCLanka (Pvt) Ltd are labor intensive. The variability in the quantity and quality of labor could result in the variation in the timely achievement of the production objectives which has more potential to impact negatively to the relationships with the local…

24.Nov, 2017 0

Human Resource Management Process

Human Resource Management at ABC Lanka (Pvt) Ltd is a significant field of organizational management that aims at the efficient and effective utilization of human resources to achieve goals of an organization. ABC Lanka has many purposes that are generally known as goals and objectives. They are namely, increasing market…

22.May, 2017 0

Training and Development

Overview Training and Development can be identified as a main HRM function which is basically aimed to utilize the human resources of the organization in an effective and efficient manner. Therefore it should have to be optimized the employee contribution towards the organization through the effective training and development sessions…

19.May, 2017 0

The importance of Operational Management.

The importance of Operational Management. When discuss the importance of operational management, it should concern on main two aspects. rest of how operations management contribute to the business success and second what would happen if operations managers failed to be effective in charring out any operations management activity.( Taylor, 2008)…

15.May, 2017 0

Essential elements required for a valid contract

The law of contract is affecting to every transaction between buyers and sellers. Therefore, a contract is considered as an agreement which can be enforceable by law. There are essential elements required for the formation of a valid contract (Allen & Overy, 2013). The five most essential elements of them are…

14.May, 2017 0

The Organization’s structure and culture

Explain how an organization’s structure and culture can impact on its performance. Organizational structure can be seen as a component of the overall organizational culture. Since the Organizational culture is very much important to each and every company as it may give a unique identity to the organization which may…

14.May, 2017 0

Understand the role of the major EU institutions

1.1    The role of the main EU institutions in determining and legitimizing policy Firstly it would better to identify the institutions of the European Union which are considered as the main decision taking bodies such as the European Parliament, European Central Bank, Auditors’ Court as well as the European…

13.May, 2017 0

Purposes of budgeting

A budget gives futuristic orientation by estimating incomes and costs for a future time period. The basic purpose of budgeting for a manufacturing organization is to plan for the future time period in terms of the customer demand based incomes and the operating costs in achieving customer demand. (Clinton, Merwe,…

13.May, 2017 0

Different Types of Costs

The selected organization is a manufacturing plant. Fixed costs– Fixed costs do not vary with the changes in the amount of production or the level of activity. When considering a certain capacity level, fixed costs would be constant. Within a specific level of activity, the total fixed cost would be…