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Training and Development

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Training and Development


Training and Development can be identified as a main HRM function which is basically aimed to utilize the human resources of the organization in an effective and efficient manner. Therefore it should have to be optimized the employee contribution towards the organization through the effective training and development sessions within the organization itself. As per (Drucker,2005), the unique contribution of each and every manager within the organization is to be a better vision for the others while giving them the ability of performing well. As the modern organizations are seeking about the flexible organizational structures with the devolution of the power, the employees are highly given the opportunities of learning and supporting, coaching etc. therefore the training and the development is highly required to the organization in order to make ensure the current workforce has the necessary competent of the changing world itself. So the training can be identified as an integral component of the organizational total quality management (TQM) as well.


HRM & Training


According to Beardwell & Holden (2011) showed that the modern requirement of the training and development has been increased in considerable manner with the accelerating technological developments and the high competition. And also he further shows that the large amount of organizational investment on the training and development has become the main reason behind the successful companies in the world. Not only that but also according to Beardwell &  Holden  (2000)  HRM concepts like organizational commitment &  the quality growth caused the managers to concern about the significance of the T & D as well as the employee education.




As per Cole (2002; Personnel & HRM) the training can be identified as a learning activity which has aimed to acquire particular knowledge as well as the capabilities and the skills with a purpose of utilizing it at the occupation in the organization. Therefore the main focus of the Training is to get a better knowledge and skills regarding a specific area in order to perform well within the organization. And also it further emphasizes the proactive action towards the job security as well as the task efficiency and the effectiveness. According to (Gordon 1992), the training is a systematic behavior modification via the learning activities as well as the earning programs and the events which is aimed to give specific competencies, skills as well as the relevant knowledge to some extent to the participants in order to carry out their tasks in an effective and efficient manner.

Furthermore Pheesey  (1971)  has defined the  training  is a systematic  process which is aimed to alter  the  employee behavior  as well as their  attitudes  with  a direction of increasing the accomplishment of the established organizational objectives. So this implies that each and every organization can achieve their objectives through the effective training programs which are systematic as well as properly planned and tailored with a purpose of increasing the overall productivity of the organization itself.

And also Armstrong (1996), has expressed that the consideration of the training requires with an appreciation of the learning theories as well as the relevant approaches to make it better work within the organization.  Furthermore as per Sherman (1996) a training program’s success is depend upon the firm’s capability of recognizing the training requirements as well. And also they have showed that the result of the training program will depend on the identification and the application of the fundamental principles of psychology regarding the learning.

According to McGhee et al (1996), the training is an effort which is planned and systematic with an aim of altering the employee behavior and thereby directs them towards the better achievement of the organizational goals and the objectives. And also he further showed that the there should be formal training programs in order to provide better skills and knowledge related to the employment within the organization itself.


Benefits of Training


The main aim of the training is to make the person change with his/ her behavior with specific skills and knowledge in himself/ herself. So this will lead to make several kinds of benefits to the organization as well as for the individuals itself. The modern changes require the employees to update their existing knowledge and the technical skills in order to be survived within the organization as well as the industry. As per Cole (2002) there are several benefits of training as follows;


  • Enhance the morale – participants can be able to increase their self confidence and it lead to enhance the motivation as well.



2)  Decrease the overall production cost – as the participants can utilize the existing materials and equipments without the wastages, then it will reduce the production cost as well.

3) Reduce the turnover – it will reduce the absenteeism as well as the employee turnovers as the job security is ensured.

4) Change management- enhances the capability of adapting to the new changes within the external environment of the organization.

5) Enhance the personal satisfaction as well as the self achievement while broaden the available career progression opportunities

7) Increase the quality of the employee and thereby increase the overall productivity


According to Derrick et al (2000) the expected benefits of the formal training will be depended upon the existing training environment as well as the organizational structure and the internal political factors & organizational culture etc.  However Sherman et al (1996) argued that most of the new employees are able to equip with the much of the knowledge as well as the skills required commencing the task, but the other employees are required the extensive training in order to ensure the successful contribution of them. Most of the people are require training once or others to maintain their performance level in an effective manner.

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