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The Organization’s structure and culture

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14.May, 2017 0 Best Articles

The Organization’s structure and culture

Explain how an organization’s structure and culture can impact on its performance.

Organizational structure can be seen as a component of the overall organizational culture. Since the Organizational culture is very much important to each and every company as it may give a unique identity to the organization which may support to identify the organization correctly from its rivals. It also it may hold the other basic strategic elements which are highly influencing to the performance of the organization such as structure, systems, skills, strategies, staff, style, systems etc. it also represent the past experiences and the solutions of the organization with the founder’s philosophy. (Robbins, Judge, 2008)Not only that but also it may provide a common direction to the all members within the organization and it may give them a purpose as well. And also it glues them together while increasing their commitment and reduces the ambiguity too. And also the organizational structure is highly important to the organizational performance because it may consist of the several elements such as work specialization, chain of command, coordination, centralization and decentralization, span of control, formalization etc. since it may facilitate to the communication, coordination, formalization, efficient allocation and utilization of resources ,specialists, power  and the authority within the organization, reduction the burden of the top management, clear accountability etc. (Robbins, Judge, 2008)

Identify an organizational structure that would be most appropriate for a company like the Nissan Motor Company.  Apply this structure to the ABC Motor Company

When it comes to identify the organizational structures, there are several kinds of organizational structures such as simple structure, functional structure, product or market structure, matrix structure and team structure etc. (George, Jones, 2008)  however all these types are belong to the mechanistic structures and therefore those are having high specialization, tall hierarchy and rigid boundaries. But under the organic systems which are more suitable for highly dynamic and modern environment, are having free communication, high flexible and flat hierarchy, wide spans etc. therefore it can be selected the functional structure for the ABC company as it may put the specialists together and the efficient utilization of the specialists with facilitating to the career development as well. Thus it can be applied as follows; (Schein, 2005)

However ABC Company also could apply the market organizational structure according to the operating markets in global wise as follows; (Robbins, Judge, 2008)



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